Akuto Sai

A martial arts student, escaped from prison.



Magikarp (main)


After years of training in different styles of martial arts, Akuto had been approached by Rocket Corp. Akuto soon found himself neck-deep in drugs, firearms, money, and women. He was stationed in a secret location, when one of his underlings tipped him off to an impeding raid on his compound. Scared for his wealthy future, Akuto had pulled over ten thousand dollars out of one of Rocket Corp’s vaults,and ran for the hills (or ocean in this case). On his way to Cinnibar, Akuto had been captured by police. After a week locked up, Akuto easily disarmed the guards, and made his escape… along with the ten thousand dollars and a random pokeball that were held in the evidence room.

Akuto arrived at his original destination, Cinnibar Island. There he purchased a small little shack on the beach, and opened the ball that he stole. A very large Magikarp pooped out and flopped on the sandy beach. Akuto stared at his bad luck in disbelief as it flopped itself over to the ocean water. He eventually got over the fact that he is now stuck with an almost useless, waterbound pokemon after he learned it could at least use tackle. Akuto befriended one of his very few neighbors there, Hotash Bill and his companion, Munchlax.

Akuto Sai

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