Dade Jenson

A high school teacher, seeking revenge.



Gibble (main)


Dade Jenson, a Saffron High School teacher, was grading classes late one night. He could hear a loud roaring grow closer and closer. Interested in what could possibly be making such a ruckus this late at night, he gets out of his chair and moves to the window. Immediately, a small, shark-with-legs comes crashing through the wall to his side. The cinder blocks making up the building were completely smashed to crumbs. As the dust cleared, a very startled and shaking Dade comes face to face with the pokemon. It was just a baby Gibble. The little shark had taken out the entire wall. Gibble looked wounded, and bleeding. Dade’s immobilization was broken when he heard men shouting from outside. Gibble jumped up and tried to run, but was too weak to get very far. Taking pity on the poor pokemon, Dade picks it up and looks for a way out of the building.

Dade Jenson

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